The only thing that really matters!

Looking back on our customer event on 7 February 2019.

290 visitors enjoyed ‘Quality Time’ on 7 February 2019.

The feel-good atmosphere at the Römerkastell in Stuttgart, expert advice from the Scholz team, around 40 exhibitors and plenty of discussions among promotion professionals all made WEMA 2019 a wonderful event. But the point wasn’t just to have a great time with our friends and colleagues. Instead, our priority was on the only truly important thing: Quality as an enduring customer experience. Two presentations let visitors take a peek into our ‘creative machine’. We vividly illustrated the ‘how’ of our work: How we create quality. How we develop a holistic advertising and promotional gift concept from just a briefing that often consists of only a few key words or a rough idea. How our full-service system works.

Thank you to all our visitors for coming, for your interest, for your curiosity and for the appetite you brought to WEMA 2019! Start getting exciting about WEMA 2020; we’re already looking forward to seeing you there!